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Wildflower Seed Wedding Favours | 30 or 50 packets


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Flower seeds are the perfect wedding favour for your guests on your special day.

Gift each wedding guest a packet of seeds with planting instructions - enough to cover 1 square metre of soil and create a beautiful wildflower patch. Whether you opt for our standard seed mix or our pet-friendly option, each packet will contain a diverse variety of native British flowers. You'll be supporting the UK bee population with flowers that are perfect for pollinators. 

Wildflower Seeds include:

  1. Corn Chamomile (10%)
  2. Corn Marigold (10%)
  3. Cornflower (9%)
  4. Crimson Clover (9%)
  5. Sainfoin (4%)
  6. Meadow Buttercup (2%)
  7. Poppy, Common (2%)
  8. Corn Cockle (2%)
  9. Ox-Eye Daisy (1%)
  10. White Campion (1%)
  11. Grass Seed Mix (45%)
  12. Wheatgrass (5%)

Wildflower Seed Mix

Pet-Friendly Wildflower Seeds include:

  1. Cornflower (10%)
  2. Crimson Clover (9%)
  3. Ox-Eye Daisy (9%)
  4. White Campion (7%)
  5. Sainfoin (6%)
  6. Grass Seed Mix (55%)
  7. Wheatgrass (5%)

Pet-Friendly Wildflower Seeds

Grasses (in both mixtures): (for crop strength, supporting stems and to act as a spreading compound)

Creeping Red Fescue, Meadow Fescue, Tall Fescue, Timothy, Hard Fescue, Cocksfoot, Smooth-Stalked Meadow Grass, Wheatgrass.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Clear the area of weeds and other plants. Rake the surface well, ensuring there are no soil clumps.
  2. Shake the bag well to mix up the seeds, then sprinkle evenly across the surface. Use 5g per square metre (10 square feet).
  3. Lightly rake, roll, or walk over the over the soil to firm it down.
  4. Water well, and keep the seeds moist. Make sure the soil doesn't dry out over the first few weeks to ensure the seeds can germinate.
  5. Cover the area with garden netting if you're worried about the seeds being eaten by birds.
  6. After 4-8 weeks you should start to see growth.

Each packet is printed with planting instructions and contains 5g of seeds, enough to cover 1 square metre.


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Wildflower Seed Wedding Favours | 30 or 50 packets

Wildflower Seed Wedding Favours | 30 or 50 packets