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Wildflower Seed Mix : Pet Friendly & Grazing Safe


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Bring life to your garden with our pet-friendly wildflower meadow mix!

It couldn't be easier to create a beautiful wildflower meadow in your garden. Our best ever mix has been designed so you can simply "throw and grow" a colourful flower display. Safe for all pets and grazing farm animals. This mix is safe for cats, dogs, rabbits, cattle, and horses.

Our mixes never contain sand, only a pure blend of wildflowers and supporting grasses. The native British species included in this mixture create an attractive display and have been specially selected because they are fast-growing, attractive, and easy to establish.

Sow the seeds outdoors between February and October for the best results. Spring and Autumn provide the best conditions for sowing. Alternatively, the seeds can be sown in a greenhouse all year round. You will need 5g of seeds per square metre.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Clear the area of weeds and other plants. Rake the surface well, ensuring there are no soil clumps.
  2. Shake the bag well to mix up the seeds, then sprinkle evenly across the surface. Use 5g per square metre (10 square feet).
  3. Lightly rake, roll, or walk over the soil to firm it down.
  4. Water well, and keep the seeds moist. Make sure the soil doesn't dry out over the first few weeks to ensure the seeds can germinate.
  5. Cover the area with garden netting if you're worried about the seeds being eaten by birds.
  6. After 4-8 weeks you should start to see growth.

Wild flowers will grow between 20cm and 70cm. Suitable for use on a wide range of soil types. Suitable for areas in the sun or shade. More detailed planting instructions are available on our blog.

Seed Contents:

  1. Cornflower (10%)
  2. Crimson Clover (9%)
  3. Oxeye Daisy* (9%)
  4. White Campion (7%)
  5. Sainfoin (6%)
  6. Grass Seed Mix (55%) (stops weeds, supports shoots & allows roots to take hold)
  7. Wheatgrass (5%) (provides scaffolding for stem support)

Grasses: (for crop strength, supporting stems and to act as a spreading compound)

Creeping Red Fescue, Meadow Fescue, Tall Fescue, Timothy, Hard Fescue, Cocksfoot, Smooth-Stalked Meadow Grass, Wheatgrass.

*Some sources claim this plant is harmful to animals, due to it being fed to dogs and cats as a herbal remedy in the past. The amount an animal would need to ingest to experience any ill effects is extremely high. Therefore, we don’t consider Oxeye Daisy a risk to pets in a normal garden environment. Do not feed or encourage pets to eat this flower.

Square Metres (1m²) - Weight of Seeds (grams):
1sqm = 5g
2sqm = 10g
5sqm = 25g
10sqm = 50g
50sqm = 250g
100sqm = 500g
200sqm = 1000g

Remember to only use 5g of wildflower seed mix per square metre of soil. Sowing seeds too thickly will lead to overcrowding of plants, preventing roots from establishing and limiting growth.

All seeds come with a 30 day money back guarantee. We hope these flowers bring you joy!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review
Wildflower Seed Mix : Pet Friendly & Grazing Safe

Wildflower Seed Mix : Pet Friendly & Grazing Safe