Increase the Kerb Appeal of Your Home with Wildflowers

Everyone would love to have a beautiful, well-maintained front garden. A gorgeous display of colourful flowers to welcome you home, invite compliments from neighbours, and help guests find your house. And if you're trying to sell your home, there's been plenty of research that shows having a well-kept garden can increase the value of your home - and maybe even help it sell faster!

 If you've ever walked down a street and been drawn to a particularly beautiful front garden, you know the power a good first impression can have. If you're trying to sell your home and the outside doesn't look nice, buyers are put off before they've even stepped inside! Obviously you don't want this to happen, but we can't all afford to have a landscaper come and spruce up the place. Luckily, doing up the garden doesn't need to be expensive or time consuming.

Front door surrounded by colourful flowers

Give your front garden a mini makeover with wildflowers

Everyone can grow wildflowers. Even if you've never gardened before, or have a notorious "black thumb", a blooming wildflower meadow isn't beyond your reach. Got a neglected front garden and think there's no way flowers will grow? Think again! Wildflowers actually thrive in low-nutrient, poor-quality soil. As long as you have an area of soil, cleared of weeds, you can grow wildflowers.

Our seed mixes have been specially formulated to be easy to sow and care for, while providing you with a beautiful array of flowers and colours. We offer two wildflower mixes - our original mix and a pet-friendly version

It's easy to grow wildflowers in your front garden

Wildflowers growing in a front garden

There's absoutely no gardening knowledge required. With wildflowers, the clue is in the name - they are normally "wild" and perfectly happy to look after themselves. Since you're establishing a meadow from scratch, you just need to provide a decent area of cleared soil, and regular water to help them establish. Once your flowers are growing strongly, they are very low maintenance. The occassional watering in periods of drought is all they need to keep growing happily. 

By using one of our mixes, you know you'll be getting a variety of plants that will grow well together, adding a burst of different colours to your garden. Unlike shurbs and roses, wildflowers are quick to establish - you can have a blooming garden in a matter of months, rather than years. They have a long flowering season too, beginning in spring and flowering right through until autumn in some cases. That's a lot of kerb appeal!

A cost-effective way to spruce up your garden

When thinking about giving your garden a makeover, it can be tempting to go out to the garden centre and buy potted plants. That's one way to do it, but it can get very expensive very fast, and potted plants often don't fill much space. Growing from seed might seem intimidating, but with wildflowers you simply have to sprinkle them on the ground and make sure they stay watered. Our mixes are sold by square metre, so you can cover 10 square metres of your garden in a variety of beautiful wildflowers for just £9! That's great value for money, and saves you time, too.

Red poppies growing in front of a house

Whether you want to create a lasting display of flowers, or a quick bit of colour, we think wildflowers are the best choice. Adding that all important kerb appeal with a beautiful front garden could increase your house value by at least 5% - so go for it!

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