About Us

Pure Seeds began in 2018, selling our signature wildflower seed mix. Our aim was to restore wildlife habitats and repopulate native flower species by making it easy for everyone to grow wildflowers, no matter what space they have. To make growing wildflowers even more accessible, we soon introduced our Pet-Friendly Wildflower Seeds. Safe for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and cattle, they were a popular addition to our range.

Woman and baby sat in field of poppies

Over time we really got to see how invested people are in bringing back native British wildflowers. So, we expanded our range further, offering a huge range of individual wildflower seed packets. Now you can introduce Forget-Me-Nots and unique plants like Water Avens to your garden.

Variety of growing herbs

Since then we have expanded into vegetable seeds and herb seeds, so your garden can now feed you and the bees! Just like all our wildflower seeds, we've carefully curated a range of easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs that are sure to provide you with the best harvests. From juicy carrots to plump tomatoes and fragrant basil to savoury thyme, our specially selected varieties have something for everyone.

No matter how much space you have, there's always room for nature in your garden. Browse our shop to see our full range of seeds and find your next gardening project today.

Close up image of a field containing red poppies, cornflowers, chamomile and grasses