Why We've Joined RHS Plants for Pollinators

We've always been passionate about nature here at Pure Seeds. Our business was born from a desire to see natural wildflower meadows restored across Britain. In the last 100 years, the UK has seen 97% of its natural flower meadows disappear - a sad and shocking fact that we wanted to change. This loss has had the biggest impact on our pollinating insects, who rely on these meadows as a habitat and source of food.

From day one, our seed mixes have been designed with pollinators in mind. We spend hours researching each flower species we sell, all of which are native to Britain. Recently we've been introducing more seeds to our range, and we felt it was time to do more to promote the good these flowers can do for our insects. That's why we've joined the RHS Plants for Pollinators scheme.

What is the Plants for Pollinators scheme?

The RHS launched Plants for Pollinators in 2011, aiming to encourage gardeners to grow more flowering plants rich in nectar and pollen. The decline of these flowers in the wild is one of the biggest challenges facing pollinators. A database of all the best plants to support these insects has been compiled, and the RHS Plants for Pollinators logo can be displayed on the packaging of seeds or plants that appear on the list. The logo helps gardeners to easily identify which plants are good for insects and encourages everyone to build their gardens with nature in mind.

Bee on Forget-Me-Not flowers

Why are Pure Seeds flowers good for pollinators?

Nearly all the seeds we stock are wildflowers listed in the Plants for Pollinators database. We've worked hard to stock a diverse range of flowers that bloom at different times of the year, allowing you to provide food for bees, butterflies, and other insects throughout the seasons. Our flowers are known to attract all different species of pollinating insects, and they grow to different heights to cater for the widest range as possible.

There are many different types of wildflowers that all thrive in different habitats and are favoured by different species of pollinators. When building our range we've tried to pull from as many categories as possible, to give you the best tools for supporting nature in your garden.

How to find which plants are good for pollinating insects

RHS Plants for Pollinators logo

We've added the Plants for Pollinators logo to the images of every flower we sell that is part of the scheme. We hope this makes it easy for you to tell at a glance which flowers are best for wildlife in your garden. From shrubs, to pond edges, to tall grass, we have seeds for everyone, no matter what space or conditions you have to work with. 

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