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Burnet Seeds (Great & Salad Burnet)


50 Seeds
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Great & Salad Burnet (Sanguisorba) Seeds

Found growing naturally in floodplains and damp meadows, great burnet is a beautiful plant that produces a display of deep red flower clusters atop tall green stems. Sadly, this lovely flower is in decline due to the loss of floodplain habitats. A member of the rose family rosaceae, this is a perennial that will spread happily and keep flowering for many years to come. Reaching heights of 45-90cm tall, great burnet is a wonderful choice for growing in borders amongst other plants or meadow grasses, as the flower stalks will sit nicely among other plants.

This is an edible plant - you can use young leaves as a herb with a spicy flavour, or add the flower buds to a salad. A plant that keeps on giving, great burnet will self-seed freely and produces rhizomes which can be dug up and divided to create new plants. With a late flowering season that can run until November, sanguisorba officinalis is loved by pollinators and will add a lovely pop of colour to your autumn garden.

It is very hard to tell the seeds of Great Burnet and Salad Burnet apart, so this is sold as a mixture of the two. They produce very similar plants.

Packet contains: 50 seeds

    Planting Instructions:

    1. This seed is dormant and requires a period of cold, so should be sown in autumn, or in spring just before frost
    2. Sow seed sparingly in flowering position or in trays in a cold frame
    3. Water in and keep moist
    4. Seed can take around 2 months to germinate
    5. Keep plants well watered as they enjoy damp conditions

    Sow outdoors: Early Spring (before frost) or Autumn

    This plant is safe for pets and grazing animals. This is a damp-loving plants that prefers full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. This is a rhizomatous hardy perennial. 

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    Burnet Seeds (Great & Salad Burnet)

    Burnet Seeds (Great & Salad Burnet)

    50 Seeds