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Spearmint Seeds (Mint)


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Spearmint Seeds (200 Seeds) Mentha Viridis 

A vibrant and refreshing mint herb, prominent in various culinary uses, spearmint is an excellent addition to any herb garden or kitchen windowsill. Known for its quick growth, spearmint is perfect for harvesting fresh leaves to add a burst of flavour to teas, salads, and mojitos. With abundant growth, you can also explore making your own fresh mint sauces or garnishes!

Number of seeds per pack: 200

Growing Instructions:
1. Sow seeds in pots, on top of moist soil. As they need light to germinate.
2. Mint is known to be difficult to germinate, so prepare a few pots.
3. Can take 15 days to germinate, so requires patience. 
4. Keep seeds 4 inches apart.
5. Mint prefers spring conditions.
6. Pick leaves as required.

Sow indoors: All year round (but avoid cold windowsills, it likes spring conditions) 
Sow outdoors: March - September

Spearmint is a hardy perennial - it can thrive for many years both indoors and outdoors. It prefers cooler conditions and can survive mild winters, providing harvests for several years. It can be invasive if left to grow outside of pots and planters, so it's best to contain the plant. 

Spearmint's strong scent naturally acts as a cat deterrent, making it an effective choice for gardeners looking to keep cats away from specific areas. While it is toxic to cats if ingested, its potent aroma helps to discourage them from approaching, reducing the likelihood of consumption. This makes spearmint a practical addition to gardens, especially for those seeking a natural method to manage the presence of cats without resorting to harsh chemicals.

We've done the work for you. All our herb seeds have been carefully selected by experienced gardeners as the easiest and best varieties to grow. They will offer you plentiful yields, enabling you to spend less time researching and more time enjoying your garden!


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Spearmint Seeds (Mint)

Spearmint Seeds (Mint)