How We Created a Pet-Friendly Wildflower Seed Mix

Pure Seeds was established with one goal in mind: to help save the UK bee population. We provide native British wildflower seeds that can easily be grown at home. By creating a space for nature in your garden, you help to restore lost habitats and food sources. It is one of the best things you can do to protect our precious pollinators.

One thing we quickly noticed is that nature lovers are often animal lovers, too. And unfortunately, some of the plants we love can be harmful to our furry friends. Certain flowers can cause reactions, ranging from skin irritation on contact to vomiting when eaten. Obviously, we don't want pet owners to be excluded from planting a wildflower meadow, or feel as though they have to choose between caring for their pets and caring for wildlife. That's why we began our research and came up with a beautiful mix of flowers that is both perfect for pollinators and safe for your pets.

Golden retriever dog on lawn

Creating Pet-Friendly Wildflower Seeds

Our animal-safe wildflower seeds are made with a mixture of native British flowers. The species included are all completely non-toxic to cats, dogs, horses, and cattle. Doubling up as a wildflower mix safe for grazing animals, these seeds can be spread in fields and paddocks to feed animals and wildlife. All the flowers  in this mix are safe for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and cattle.

After a lot of intense research, consulting various sources to check the safety of each plant, we arrived at a mixture of eight flowers that create a gorgeous and varied floral display:

  • Cornflower
  • Musk Mallow
  • Sainfoin
  • White Campion
  • Crimson Clover
  • Sheeps Burnet
  • Oxeye Daisy *
  • Sweet Rocket.

Wildflowers included in pet-friendly mix

Where to Plant Wildflower Seeds

These seeds can be planted almost anywhere! They are available in a range of sizes - we have smaller packs for gardens and domestic spaces, and bigger bags of seed that can cover up to 200 square metres of land. We can even cater for acres on request. These non-toxic flower species are perfect for public spaces such as dog fields and parks. They create a beautiful attraction to wildlife and pet owners.

For keen gardeners planting wildflowers has more than one benefit. Flowers attract friendly bugs that will eat common pests like aphids, as well as bees and butterflies that can pollinate your fruit and vegetables. Why not try introducing a small wildflower patch to your allotment or vegetable garden?

If you have a farm or a large plot of land, you could even be eligible for a stewardship grant to help with the costs of planting and maintaining a meadow. Our grazing seed mix contains many of the wildflowers recommended by the government. 

Buy Seeds Online

All our seeds are available to purchase online with free UK delivery on orders over £6. Buy your pet-friendly wildflower seeds today.

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