Save the Bees with Wildflower Seeds

Bees are absolutely vital to the environment. Not only do they provide us with lovely things like honey, they pollinate lots of other crops, providing us with fruit, vegetables, and berries. Unfortunately, even though the bees are feeding us, humans aren't doing a very good job at feeding them. Since the 1930's the UK has lost 97% of its natural flower meadows. These meadows are vital food sources and habitats for bees and butterflies. As a result of this habitat loss, along with disease and overuse of pesticides, we've seen a huge decline in the population of these pollinators.

Here's the good news - there's something you can do about this! All you need is a patch of soil in your garden and some wildflower seeds. Native wildflowers are ideal food sources for the UK's bees. By planting some yourself you can help to replace the natural habitats that have been lost. Not only are you helping wildlife, you also get to enjoy the colourful beauty of a wildflower meadow from the comfort of home! Best of all, you don't need a huge garden to be able to help - even a mini meadow will provide bees with pollen and nectar. If you're already a gardener then there are added benefits for you: by attracting pollinating insects to your garden with wildflowers, you're encouraging them to pollinate your crops.

Bee on cornflower wildflower

Which wildflowers are best for bees?

Native wildflowers are best, since they will grow well in the British climate and are perfectly suited to our native pollinators. All the wildflower seed mixes on are made with specially selected flowers that are perfect for pollinators. They provide ideal food sources for bees, butterflies and other insects, and are easy to grow in your garden. Our standard 50/50 Wildflower Meadow Mix contains Corn Chamomile, Corncockle, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Common Poppy, and Meadow Buttercup. Our Grazing Safe Wildflower Mix contains Cornflower and Crimson Clover - flowers that are great for bees and safe for grazing animals to munch on. Both options are available in our store, in a variety of quantities to suit your space.

How to plant a wildflower meadow for bees

It's really quite simple - all you need is a clear patch of soil and some wildflower seeds. You can choose from our mixes, which have all been specially selected for pollinators. Rake your soil, sprinkle the seeds down and give them a good water. Cover them with netting to protect from birds, and after a while your beautiful meadow will start to bloom. We have more detailed instructions on how to plant a wildflower meadow here. You should always avoid using pesticides on your meadow and around your garden as they can be harmful to bees and other helpful wildlife.

Save the bees with wildflowers from Pure Seeds.

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