Planting Ragged Robin: An Autumn Task for Spring Rewards

Autumn leaves turning red and gold may be capturing our attention, but it's also a crucial time to focus on next year’s wildflower meadow. Among the species that benefit from autumn sowing is the Ragged Robin, a native beauty that's more than just a pretty face.

Why Ragged Robin?

This perennial wildflower is not only visually appealing with its unique, deeply lobed pink petals but also plays a crucial role in our ecosystem. Pollinators adore it, and its decline poses a threat to biodiversity. By planting Ragged Robin, you’re not only decorating your outdoor space but also contributing to environmental conservation.

The Perks of Autumn Planting

You might be wondering why autumn is an ideal time for this task. The answer lies in the natural cycle of these plants. Autumn provides:

  • Warm soil conditions for superior seed germination.
  • Reduced competition from weeds.

Both factors create an optimal environment for Ragged Robin to sprout as saplings, giving them a head start before the spring.

How to Plant

Find a damp area in your garden. Scatter the seeds and lightly rake them into the soil. With minimal maintenance, you’ll see them bloom into life by late spring.

Join the The Ragged Robin Revival

If the environmental angle appeals to you, we're offering free packets of Ragged Robin seeds to encourage its planting. Use code: RaggedFREE for your free packet (just add the code on the checkout page) and become a part of this eco-friendly mission. 

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